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KTDC Overseer Gr.I (Electrical)  

Overseer Grade 1 (Electrical) in Kerala KTDC is a technical post responsible for the supervision and execution of electrical works related to the construction and maintenance of KTDC's properties and infrastructure. Overseers in KTDC play a vital role in ensuring that the company's properties are maintained to the highest standards and that new projects are completed on time and within budget.



About Course

An Overseer provides directions, guidance and feedback and ensure work is carried out safely and efficiently. Kerala PSC Overseer Gr.I exam offers job security and diverse career prospects. The candidates who get appointed by the commission for the post of the overseer after the examination will have to undergo a probationary period from the date of appointment.

PSC Overseer Gr.I enjoy promising career prospects, including promotions to higher grades and positions. The position offers attractive salaries, benefits, and chances for growth through promotions and specialized training. Overseers in the electrical field can work in various government departments and agencies, such as the Public Works Department, Kerala State Electricity Board, Irrigation Department, and more. This diversity allows individuals to gain experience in different areas of electrical engineering.

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